12 Mar

Hi Unfun Friend,

It’s my turn to provide refreshments for Book Club. Per the Zeitgeist, our current selection is Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn (…just in case this at all impacts the menu.) I think I could use some suggestions.



mug cakes

Hey Lily,

First off I’d like to congratulate you on your pick…The Hunger Games would have been a real red flag. But let’s cut to the chase, if you sincerely wanted to prepare the best of snacks to your devout members – well, you would have hit up a gluten-free baking blog. Writing to me means you want something slightly unfun, with a bitchy aftertaste.

You joined a book club to be social right? Maybe you wanted to meet some new people. What better way to acknowledge your appreciation for these monthly get-togethers than to offer the loneliest snack in town? That’s right; mug cakes…Mug cakes are the latest Pinterest trend. One quick click in the Search bar and you’re greeted with endless sweatpants-on-a-Friday quality possibilities. Throw a couple packets of Splenda, some flour, and an egg in your favorite coffee cup; microwave for five minutes and VOILA – a makeshift cake for one. Depending on oven wattage, your meeting may run 30 to 40 minutes over its allotted time.

I can’t promise these treats taste good, but it feels a lot better eating them in a group. I also should warn you that upon ingestion, Gone Girl may be thrown completely out the window in favor of forming a Lifetime Movie Watchers Club. Either way – you’re spending time with the ones you love…and maybe even acquaintances!


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