20 Feb


Yours truly got a real job this month (hold the applause.) If nothing else, I thought 8 hours a day in a muted grey cubicle might be a refreshing departure from the Criminal Minds marathons I’d been routinely viewing. I’m happy to report that my worst nightmare now involves a rogue staple lodged in my keyboard, rather than a machete wielding sociopath trying to outsmart the BAU.

The first few days were smooth sailing…until I realized that in order to relate to my co-workers, (not to mention the rest of the adult population) I had to be up to speed on current events. I decided that the best way to do so was to tune into reality programming in its simplest form – the news.

A general rule of thumb for those who are beginning to explore the offerings of broadcast journalism: avoid FOX… Over lunch on Friday, the aforementioned channel aired what I can only describe as an eerily doomsday-ish countdown to 2:24 PM – the time at which an asteroid was set to “buzz” by Earth. Between bites of her tarragon chicken salad, my co-worker calmly informed me that a meteor had already exploded over Russia that morning. How can someone enjoy a sandwich at a time like this?!

Had I not been the newbie, I would have immediately returned to my desk, popped in my earbuds, and wept softly to Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” Alas, we made it to 2:25 PM – and I’ve since been building my news tolerance by viewing 30 minutes of The Weather Channel each day. Wish me luck.

Unfun Fact: Kiera Knightley is the last person I’d invite to my bunker TGI Friday’s.


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