30 Nov

Costs a Latte: Starbucks has introduced its most expensive coffee yet. The rare Central American Blend called Costa Rica Finca Palmilera retails for approximately $7 a cup. A spokeswoman for the chain says this specialty “reserve” comes in response to consumer demand for more high-end coffee. Are people really demanding they spend more on the familiar taste of burnt toast? What I demand to know is why everybody feels so, ahem, at home in Starbucks bathrooms…you smell me?Expensive Flavor Saver: In the spirit of Movember, I came across a little gem about moustaches. In the Middle East, moustaches are all the range year round. A Turkish plastic surgeon recently told CNN that he performs about 60 “follicular unit extraction surgeries” – moustache implants – per month. It reportedly costs around $7,000 to achieve the perfect upper lip look. To put it in perspective, that’s 1,000 specialty coffees…But hey, a ‘stache is forever.Fashionably Fertile: Could it be? Us Weekly has reported Jessica Simpson is pregnant again – a mere seven months after giving birth to her first daughter, Maxwell. I happen to think this is the greatest news on the planet, and would have no problem with Jessica becoming the Michelle Duggar of this decade. Aside from designing platform sandals, motherhood seems like it could be her true calling. It’s not her fault she looks so good in flowing caftans. Excuse me while I go sell my stock in Weight Watchers String Cheese.Reply All: An NYU sophomore has become an internet celebrity after accidently clicking the Reply All button. Upon receiving an e-mail from the university regarding electronic tuition forms, the student tried to forward a message to his mother. Instead, he sent it to 39,979 schoolmates. Apparently he has been inundated with Facebook friend requests and Twitter followers – not to mention the news outlets cleverly nicknaming the incident “Reply-Allpocalypse.” Talk about dull and unfun…Get back to me when the Dean accidently flashes her Britney.All I Want for Christmas is a Drumstick: If you’re flying Japan Airlines anytime between December 1st and February 28th, consider yourself lucky. Flights from Tokyo’s Narita Airport will reportedly offer their passengers Kentucky Fried Chicken as part of a special dubbed “Air Kentucky.” The mile high breast and thigh comes in a specially designed Colonel Sanders box, along with a biscuit, coleslaw, and some sort of special mayonnaise. There is only one thing we can take away from this – the secret to spreading holiday cheer is 11 herbs and spices.


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