9 Nov

FIVESue Me, Maybe: A Ukrainian pop star, who goes by the name Aza, is suing Carly Rae Jepsen for plagiarism. She claims Jepsen stole the lyrics from her single “Hunky Santa,” while penning the hit “Call Me Maybe.” It’s clear that the term “pop star” is used very loosely in Ukraine…come on – Hunky Santa? I checked out the holiday jingle on Youtube, ready for a scandal, but it was a total letdown. Click here to watch a scantily-clad blonde rambling about bon bons, and chocolate-covered almonds.FOURThe Sequel: If you grew up in the 90’s, I bet you spent most of your Friday nights like I did – on the couch watching TGIF. The gem of this weekly lineup was obviously Boy Meets World. They Disney Channel is reportedly developing a spinoff that will revolve around the 13-year old daughter of our beloved Cory and Topanga. The show is tentatively titled, (duh) Girl Meets World. Few sequels live up to their predecessors, but I’ve already blocked out all my Friday’s in 2013…so this shit better be good.

THREERaising the Barr: Barack Obama won the election, but do you have any idea who came in sixth? Roseanne Barr scored herself more than 40,000 votes – pretty impressive for a comedian. Imagine tuning into Nick at Nite and watching your president in reruns of a 90s sitcom? Not to mention, her Comedy Central Roast – an hour long special in which she is publicly ridiculed by a panel of her peers. Hey Roseanne – Congrats on the best year ever.TWOOne Haircut and Counting: Michelle Duggar’s family – 19 kids and all – surprised her with a makeover to celebrate her 46th birthday. She chopped off 8 inches, and straightened her normally curly locks. This was apparently the first time she’s updated her look in almost 40 years. Granted she looks great, but if I was popping out a kid every 18 months, the only rejuvenation I’d be looking to get would happen below the belt.ONENo Shower? No Problem: There’s a new type of deodorant in town…But instead of applying it to your underarms like a reasonable human being – you eat it. It’s called Deo Perfume Candy, and it’s already been snatched up by people in Spain, Germany, China, Korea, and Armenia. The logistics of this product are completely beyond me. Upon eating the tangerine flavored candy, the scent of roses will emanate from your pores for up to 6 hours. I’d rather eat a breakfast sandwich, and then work an 8 hour shift at Bath & Body Works.


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