5 Oct

It’s Friday…


One in Seven Stalkers Recommend: Congrats Zuckerberg…you’re social network is now 1 billion users strong. While your intentions were pure – providing a platform for friends and family to connect – there are one too many people sitting glossy-eyed behind their monitors, stalking the shit out of long lost frienemies and harvesting zucchini on virtual farms.


“I Love Big Bird”: Whether or not you tuned in to the Presidential Debate, you have undoubtedly heard (or read) Mitt Romney’s latest quote. The problem with social media is that we can no longer slip up and then call in sick until the situation blows over…a hashtag is forever. That being said, if I’m gonna throw a Sesame Street character under the bus it’s obviously Elmo and his creepy tickle fetish.THREE

Break Me Off a Piece of That: Taco Bell typically rules when it comes to bad fast food collaborations – think Doritos Locos Tacos and the Beefy Crunch Burrito (complete with Flamin’ Hot Fritos). However, Pizza Hut Middle East has decided to give them a run for their money by introducing Kit Kat Pops; Kit Kat candy bars wrapped in pizza dough and doused with sugar. The only way I’d be able to ignore the calorie content in one of these suckers is if I had a bad case of the munchies.


Ice Ice Baby: The MythBusters team is set to tackle a debate of Titanic proportions. Fifteen years after the film’s debut, viewers are still wondering if Jack Dawson really had to freeze out there in the Atlantic. Apparently some believe there was enough room on that wooden raft for two, and Rose was just being a selfish bitch. The first step in debunking begins with a miniature recreation of the scene…Is it me or should these guys turn their attention from the death of fictional character to the looming Mayan calendar prophecy?ONE

Bad Batch of Bolognese: Justin Bieber vomited on stage during the first stop of his Believe concert tour earlier this week. Media speculation suggested the teen heartthrob may have been sipping some pre-show Ciroc, so he called into TMZ Live to set the record straight. Justin blamed his bout of nausea on a mix of spaghetti, whole milk, and an intense pop-and-lock routine. Remember the time Fergie wet her pants on stage and blamed it on a steamy undercarriage? Let’s cut the Beibz a break.


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